No Pessimists Allowed!

For all the advances of information technology, big economic turns always take us unawares. In 2007, all indicators flashed green—until the bottom suddenly fell out. In this environment, things can look awful, until a new order unexpectedly comes in or a few deals break in your firm’s favor. All of a sudden, things seem much better. We’re in a Missouri economy now, one in which recovery has to be shown, not told. Economic conditions may be improving, but it still may take more than a few quarters of growth before people fully commit to recovery, both financially and psychologically. If credit means belief, since the credit crisis began two years ago, belief has been in short supply. Maybe it’s time for a little blind faith.

A little too ‘goldilocks’ to me, but keep an eye on the personal savings rate to see where 2010 economy is headed.


So it’s been a while, eh blog?

I originally started this thing as a hobby while I looked for a new job. Luckily I was unemployed for only 6 weeks (woo hoo!), and stopped blogging once I took my new position.

Well that’s about to change.

Expect more posts in the coming weeks. My writing could use the work and I truly believe blogging is a great way to express your beliefs, concerns, ideas, and a few laughs too.

9 yr old defeats Chess Grandmaster

This has to be one for the records. At the Parsvnath Open in New Delhi the nine-year-old Hetul Shah defeated an experienced grandmaster, with the black pieces, in a regular tournament game with FIDE time controls. His opponent was 31-year-old Kasakh GM Nurlan Ibrayev, rated almost 600 points higher than the lad, and now probably the world’s most embarrassed GM.

Woah. Hopefully this kid will keep his sanity.