I have a passion for soccer. A dream of mine is to attend a World Cup in a country outside of the U.S. For the last few years I have told all my friends that I will make it to South Africa 2010 no matter what. My enthusiasm changed when it was reported that the event infrastructure was so off schedule that FIFA was considering moving the WC to the U.S. I also took into account the very high AIDS prevalence rate in the country. Then a few team hotels were robbed during 2009’s Confederation Cup, a sort of WC warm up tournament. The terror that happened at the African Cup of Nations to the Togo team bus a few days ago brought more safety concerns. Apparently I’m not the only one concerned about safety during the tournament, so some very creative company comes up with this:

Our approach to bring protective clothing to the masses is unique. By enabling your protective vest to communicate with each other through messages like “Enjoy the game” or “Fair Play” we hope we can bring a new dimension to body armour. Our vest can be decorated with badges of your choice and we are open to your creativity. Design your vest now

We are seeing a high demand in personal protective clothing and there is no doubt that the risk is increasing at big events like the World Cup 2010 especially if you are travelling in areas where you are unsure about your personal safety. Read more in our security facts

That’s right, custom bullet proof vests.