The Benefits of Buying a House
Megan McArdle

But if we owned our house, I might be able to hope that someday we would acquire a water heater bigger than a thimble, rather than hopelessly resigning myself to shallow, lukewarm baths. I might also be able to sink screws into the ceiling for a hanging potrack, install blackout curtains so that I could sleep later than 6 am in the summer, and otherwise make the house over more to my specifications. But the owners are fond of their home the way it is, so it stays.

For a long time, I didn’t care so much about this. I liked the freedom renting gave me. But once you’re committed to a city, and another person, that freedom starts looking overrated.

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I am curious myself if my views will change when I’m ready to settle down and start a family. I’m also sure my friends will get tired of helping me move every year and I’ll have to deal with a moving company.