The resurrection of Howard Dean

“A lot of establishment people might laugh at that, but there’s angst in the progressive wing of the party, and it matters that Howard Dean is emerging as the leading voice of that angst,” said Trippi. “It could matter on a number of other issues, and it could lead to another Howard Dean campaign for president,” said Trippi, who had a falling out with his old boss toward the end of the campaign but would not rule out signing on to a Dean 2016 campaign.

“There’s a real chance that if progressives feel at the end of the Obama era that there wasn’t enough movement on issues they care about, then somebody will emerge out of the progressive wing of the Party as a leading contender. If you follow that logic, then you have to conclude that it could be Howard Dean.”

There are opinion polls out there suggesting that a fictional third party of Teabaggers would receive more political support than Republicans in the coming 2010 elections. This would surely do some harm to any GOP hopes of a rehash of the 1994 midterms. But don’t count out Howard Dean and his progressives doing the same to the Democrats.