Mexico’s Pres speaks the truth…

Mexican official sources said Calderon was to urge Obama to continue or expand collaboration in four areas: the war on drugs and organized crime; improving competitiveness within the North American Free Trade Agreement; immigrant rights; and the need for Congress to pass immigration reform.

During his campaign Obama’s team called for renegotiating NAFTA, which since 1994 has brought the United States, Mexico and Canada into a single market, saying that it was hurting US workers.

Good to see Calderon speaking the truth. I always thought it was a bit strange that Obama, the hip grown-up with an ipod that everyone wants to have a beer with, never made the correlation between tech efficiency and international market connectivity. Early in his race for the Dems ticket he was very much in favor of renegotiating NAFTA, but after he won the nomination he took a more centrist stance (gotta love politics). Obama has quite a few free-traders on his economic team, including Larry Summers, so I remain hopeful the U.S. will continue opening more trade borders.

After all, to everyone but the U.S., foreign policy IS trade policy.