IBM’s CEO in the WSJ…

Today, we live in a digital world. Many of our most valuable assets are online, traded virtually. As a result, communities with broadband access grow employment at a significantly higher rate. And yet today, the United States, the country that developed the Internet, ranks 12th in broadband penetration and 15th in average broadband speed. This is unacceptable if we want our nation to compete in the 21st century.

Here here! Enough of the bridges and highways talk. If Obama is going to go big, make it big tech. The U.S. should always be the most forward-thinking, big idea country out there. We need to stay ahead of the digital revolution. Our power grid is in need of a hefty overhaul.

Also, my parents still do not have access to high speed internet. They are part of the 10% of adults in this country still using dial-up. Some can’t afford broadband, but others simply don’t have the access. That needs to change.