Yea, that’s right.

An American surgeon is demanding that his estranged wife returns a kidney he donated to her or pays him $1.5m in compensation.

Dr Richard Batista has gone public with the demand saying he is fed up with how long it is taking for his divorce to be finalised.

Rajini Vaidyanathan reports.

So where did this $1.5 MILLION price for his kidney come from?

In India you can get one for $2500.
In South Africa one goes for $7000.

The great freedom fighters over at the Cato Institute (<3) use IRAN as the model for kidney sales & transport.

But $1.5 million? Did he never drink a Coke? Did he not sign a document stating he understood the emotional and possible physical toll that could occur when you give away an organ? Does $1.5 million account for the organ’s depreciation in his ex-wife’s body? What makes this woman unworthy of his kidney donation now that they are not married?

I hate lawyers.