Want to lose some money?  Here are my picks for week 2 of the NFL playoffs!

Tennessee (-3) over Baltimore

Two identical teams.  Both have killer defenses.  Both want to run it down your throat.  Both well coached.  Tennessee has been a top 4 team all year.  Baltimore is getting a lot of bandwagon love after destroying a very overrated Dolphins team last week.  Look for Joe Flacco to get touched a few times this week (unlike Round 1) if Titans are up in the 2nd half.

Titans 17 Ravens 6

Carolina (-9.5) over Arizona

Yawn.  Uptown should be pretty fun Saturday.

Panthers 31 Cardinals 17

New York (-4) over Philadelphia

How are the Giants not a touchdown favorite here?  Here’s what Philly has done since McNabb was benched during the tie in Cincinnati:

LOSS @ Baltimore 36-7

WON Arizona 48-20

WON @ Giants 20-14

WON Cleveland 30-10

LOSS @ Redskins 10-3

WON Dallas 44-6

Should we be impressed here?  Sure they beat Minnesota on the road last week, but, Tavaris Jackson only scares those that have money on the Vikings.  The Giants had just lost Plaxico in Week 14, Cleveland is Cleveland, the loss in Washington is inexcusable, and Philly had already proved they could score on Dallas in the Monday Nighter earlier this year.  After all of this, Vegas is telling me on a neutral field these Eagles are only a 1 point dog to The Champs?

Giants 27 Eagles 13

San Diego (+6) over Pittsburgh

Big Ben has no business playing football ever again.  In his short career he already has three concussions and one ugly motorcycle accident.  You have a ring.  You are beloved by your fans.  You have your money.  You have nothing to prove.   Ben, don’t you want to remember all of this one day?

I would not be shocked if San Diego won this straight up.  If a road team wins this weekend, this is the one.

Steelers 16 Chargers 14